Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Night Circus Book Review


This book is about Marco and Celia they were chosen and trained by their mentors Hector and Alexander for competing in an epic duel. Both of them didn’t know when or who they were going to face in the duel.

The venue of the duel is the circus. This circus is not the average circus, arrives without warning, the tents are black and white, no color at all and it’s only open at night. It’s a magical place full of tents that will blow your mind and the descriptions of each tent are so perfect. When I was reading I felt I was in the circus, I even felt the smell of popcorn and candy apples augh yumm.

My problems was  I didn’t buy Celia and Marco’s love :( , they didn’t know each other that well, and they said they loved each other.. It just didn’t felt real for me.

Erin’s writing style was amazing! Everything was so well described; you can see she put a lot of taught into this book. 

The book art its amazing, the US cover and the UK one are both amazing!! I don't know which one I like more just look at them..

It's a worth reading, I give this 4 of 5 stars because I expected more from this. But it was pretty good for a debut novel. I felt in love with the circus, it made me want to go there so bad.

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