Thursday, January 26, 2012

1st review in this blog!

“The Year My Sister Got Lucky” by: Aimee Freedman

So I bought this book 2 weeks ago in El Hombre de la Mancha which it’s a bookstore near my home, I was looking for something to entertain myself while I could find the 4th book of the vampire academy –which stills sold out- so I found this book and what attracted me was that the story is about two sisters and how they dealt with changes. I immediately thought about my sister and me because we had the same ages as them.

A little bit about the story:

The story begins with Michaela and Katya Wilder; they attend a renowned dance school together. Katie is 14 and she’s going to be a freshman in high school, Michaela is 17 and going to be a senior. Michaela is the great ballerina with a promising future in Julliard while Katie has to try really hard to be as good as her sister. Then, her mother got a job in Fir Lake which it’s the opposite of New York.  Now Katie is lost on her own, trying to fit in a new school while her sister transforms into the queen bee of the social scene; Michaela doesn’t seem to miss New York at all. By the time they got there she immediately had a clique and a few weeks later she was dating the hottest guy in school and now her best friends don't include Katie.
The two of them always shared secrets, but now Michaela barely talks to her sister and she’s keeping big weight things from her. So Katie feels stung by Michaela’s betrayal.

I was expecting a light and lovely reading but this turned out a frustrating instead of enjoyable.

I had 3 problems…
1.       The lack of development in the plot: In the middle the story got stuck, really boring. It was the same thing over and over… -Katie complaining and Michaela being a social butterfly-. Fortunately the last 70 pages were kind of exciting because you’ll find out what were all Michaela’s secrets about.

2.       The ballet references, because they talked about a lot of ballet movements and obviously this was one of the main topics covered in this book.  This made the reading process a little bit heavy for me because I don’t  know a lot of ballet and I don’t like it that much as well. If you are into ballet just ignore this point.
3.       The thing that was painful through the whole book was the sisters’ attitude especially Katie’s she was complaining in almost every single page. And it got really annoying. Seriously… it got to the point I wanted to quit the reading.

 I understand her anger, sorrow and pessimism.  I’ve been there through my school years changing school 3 times. I know how hard is to leave your friends and all the things you are used to. I wished she was a little bit open-minded and showed some fortitude but was at the very last pages of the book, maybe we all have a little bit of Katie inside.

One thing I did like is that this left me thinking about my relationship with my sister and I think it might do the same for other girls.

The overall message of the story is that everything can change in just a second and we need to treasure every single moment with the ones that we love, things change, but no matter what, your family will be always there for you.
I thought it would be deeper, I feel that a lot of things were incomplete and I wasn't satisfied with the ending at all.
So I’ll give this book 3 of 5 stars because it took me a week to finish it, the plot wasn’t as engaging to make me want to finish the book in one seat.

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